Find & keep a healthy, soulful, 
lasting relationship in the chaos 
of the modern dating world.

I'll show you how...

Find & keep a healthy, soulful, 
lasting relationship in the chaos of the modern dating world.

Let me show you how...

Hi, I'm Persia

I’m an Author, Speaker and ‘one of the UK’s most successful love coaches’ - according to The Times magazine. 

Having once been a serial cheater & obsessive love addict, I’m proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship with my fiancé Joe, and am passionate about helping women radically transform their own love lives through my digital & 121 love-coaching programmes & workshops.


How To Find Real Love In A Superficial World


Love For Leaders

Love For Leaders is my radical coaching container that shows you step by step how to get a true power couple relationship.

Get Your Soulmate

Get Your Soulmate is my 8 week digital program for women wanting to heal their love life and attract a happy healthy relationship.

Love is Coming Podcast

The show for those who want to learn how to find dates that become mates and flings that become things - with men who are ready, willing and able to *actually* commit. 
“Refreshingly honest, raw & relatable, Persia really knows her stuff when it comes to dating & relationships and is trailblazing a path for those ready to learn how to find & nurture real, soulful love.”

- Sadie Frost, Producer, Actress & Designer

Free Audio Training


Learn how to court consciously during Covid and call in the happy, healthy relationship you desire and deserve.
Here's what you'll learn...
  • What a happy, healthy relationship really looks like and exactly what I did to meet my match.
  • The single most important thing you need to know to totally transform your love life that will kick to the curb all anxiety and fear that you'll be 'single forever'.
  • The foolproof strategy you should be following to consciously call in suitors that can be sped up by a game I also share, to keep the process playful!
  • ​My 5 step roadmap for not just getting but keeping your soulmate, no matter how bad at dating you've been in the past or how much of a mess you usually make.

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