Having uncovered and healed the blocks and patterns that were sabotaging your romantic life, as well as learning insights and strategies to help you stay in your magnetic attraction zone…

… The Get Your Soulmate program has supported you in making huge progress in your love life (if you gave it your all, that is!)




As myself and many of my 1:1 clients have learned (often the hard way!) - the work does not stop here, just because you’ve completed the program.

As I shared in the closing video of GYS:

If we don’t continue to prioritise growth and learning, we soon become stagnant.

And, not only does this take us right out of our magnetic attraction zone, it just makes life a hell of a lot less enjoyable.


Perhaps you find yourself in one of the following
situations right now:


  1. You’re anxious that without the structure and accountability of the GYS work and accountability sessions, you’ll soon slip back into old, self-defeating patterns and behaviours in your love life.

  2. You’re feeling worried about transitioning from being ‘safe + single’ back in to the world of dating (online or IRL), or are still doubtful that you’ll ever attract a healthy, happy relationship with your soulmate.

  3. You’re in a good place following the GYS program, but are ready to GO BIG for your dream relationship/ life with Persia’s exclusive support + guidance.


If any of the above resonates for you, I can help.

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“Persia has helped me take life to the next level. She is a remarkable coach.”

- Catherine Robson, Surrey



The Soulmate Accelerator is a bespoke, 3-month mentorship with Persia – exclusively reserved for GYS graduates.

It came about several years ago, when some of the graduates of Get Your Soulmate (back when it was 1:1 only) asked to continue working with Persia to gain extra support, confidence and focus as they navigated this new phase of their romantic lives.


The Soulmate Accelerator has been specifically designed to help you take the foundational work from the Get Your Soulmate program to the next level.


Whether for you this looks like manifesting your soulmate, navigating the world of (online) dating, or deepening the connection in your current relationship, Persia will be your biggest cheerleader, guiding and supporting you in making your romantic - and general life goals - a reality over the next 3 months. 

As our love lives influence (and are influenced by) all other areas of our lives, much like GYS, this program’s holistic approach will help you thrive across the board.

So, by the end of the 3 months you’ll be the healthiest, happiest, most successful version of yourself – inside and out.


“I don’t know where I’d be without Persia’s continual guidance + support."

- Hannah Walker, Farnham



  • x3 bespoke coaching sessions with Persia (x1 p/m for 3 months, held over Skype/ FaceTime).

  • Weekly video-coaching access to Persia throughout the entire process, so that you feel consistently supported in between sessions.

  • Regular personalised homework/ assignments as relevant (whilst the predominant focus will be on relationships, we’ll go wherever the work takes us!)

  • The option for the final session to be held in person at Persia’s exclusive private members club Soho House in London (if geography permits).




The Soulmate Accelerator is ideal for you if:

  • You’re ready for big shifts and transformation in your (love) life

  • You want to work with Persia more intimately

  • You’re 100% committed to your expansion and growth

  • You’re willing to surrender, trust and be fully guided

  • You’re willing to dedicate time and energy outside of the sessions to fully integrate what you learn inside of them

  • You’re ready to fully step into your power in all areas of your life

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“Since working with Persia, my relationships with people, with my work and with myself have been given a new lease on life. My strength and confidence has skyrocketed, and I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be.”

- Hattie Rykens, London



Here are some of the results from clients who’ve worked with Persia in The Soulmate Accelerator following GYS:

  • Met the love of their life

  • Attracted lots of attention and dates with healthy, compatible partners

  • Healed the issues in their current relationship, which is now thriving

  • Walked away from toxic/ unsustainable romantic dynamics

  • Got a new partner, a new job, doubled their income and dropped 14 pounds

  • Healed their heartbreak

  • Had a baby with their soulmate

  • Gained the confidence to go travelling and start their own business


 Katie Jane - Soulmate Accelerator client


Most Flexible: x3 monthly payments of £547

Best Value: one-time payment of £1497 (save £144)



If you’d like the chance to work with Persia 1:1 via The Soulmate Accelerator, please complete the application below. 

*N.B. There are very limited places for this exclusive opportunity, and we’ll be working on a first come, first served basis.

We’ll email to let you know if your application is successful within a few days..

Name *



I just want to take this opportunity to say once more how grateful I am to have had you as part of the very first Get Your Soulmate Digital experience.

It’s truly been an honour.

And whether I get to work with you via the Soulmate Accelerator or not, I’m so excited to continue to serve you through my work over the coming years.

All my love + appreciation,

Persia xx

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