Sadie Frost: Producer, Actress + Designer

“Refreshingly honest, raw + relatable, Persia really knows her stuff when it comes to dating + relationships and is trailblazing a path for those ready to learn how to find + nurture real, soulful love.”

Gabrielle Bernstein: New York Times No. 1 Bestselling Author, Speaker + Coach

“It has been incredible to witness Persia step into her power as a leader for a new generation of seekers. Her commitment to love and service is divine. This woman is a beautiful guide and mentor for us all!"

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Psychologist, Broadcast + Author

"Persia is a super smart young woman and provides a fresh, intelligent perspective on the issues that so many Gen Y-ers face today. I have to say that when you speak to her, you get how much this matters to her - her passion and dedication to her work is truly inspiring!"



Rebecca Campbell: Bestselling Author of ‘Light Is The New Black’ + ‘Rise Sister Rise’

"Current, sassy, relatable, grounded, funny and honest, Persia is lighting the way for a new generation of women to live more happy, more conscious lives from the inside out.”

Harriet Jones: Deputy Editor, Brides magazine

“Persia is one of the most insightful people I know. She has huge personal experience when it comes to matters of love, life and relationships and you’ll always find her ready to share her super-insight in order to help others. I can’t think of anyone better to be a love coach.”

Mel Wells: Bestselling Author, Health + Eating Psychology Coach

“Persia is an angel in this world. She is a modern day messenger for new levels of love, healing + tremendous soul growth and I am forever grateful for her much needed work.” 

Tui McLean: Producer, BBC

"Persia somehow manages to combine incredible insight and sage advice with a huge dollop of humour. Her down-to-earth approach makes her the ultimate coach for anyone looking to heal their soul, grow their relationship and make a change in their life."

Saskia Gregson-Williams: Writer, Health Chef, Author of 'Naturally Sassy' + Creator of Ballet Blast.

“I've known Persia for about 10 years now, and have always been struck by her energy for life. Persia speaks what we're too afraid to in a way that's relatable, honest, accessible and reassuring. This sort of down to earth, REAL life coaching is exactly what the world needs more of.” 


Lauren Windle: Journalist

"Persia's humble approach to supporting and guiding people makes her so accessible. She always draws on her own experience giving her a relatable and grounded edge which so many others are yet to master. It doesn't matter what question you ask, you'll always get honesty, wisdom and usually a bit of humour too."

Jody Shield: Author, Inspirational Speaker, Modern Healer, Meditation Ambassador for Lululemon

Persia is incredible at getting to the “heart” of any issue in the love and relationships department, that you might be struggling with. Her willingness to be open and vulnerable makes her completely accessible, and on the same page as you. She is an incredible speaker and writer, and infuses her high vibe energy into everything she does - you can really feel it! She’s powerful at shifting you into a different head space, heart space, soul space. I’m lucky to call her a close friend as well as a supportive coach and teacher.” 

Jessica Bendien: Founder of Bang Talent, Celebrity Booking + Talent Casting Agency

“Persia's honesty, wisdom, way with words, experience, forward-thinking attitude and go-getter spirit sets her apart from so many others in this space. If you need help getting your self together - in love, life, work or play - Persia is your go-to gal pal and BFF...she's been there done that more times than you can say 'hell yeah' and she'll sort you out in minutes! She really is one to watch.”

Daisy Buchanan: Author, Grazia Agony Aunt, Ted Ex Speaker + Journalist

"Persia's warmth, compassion and honesty set her apart and make her a true pleasure to work with. She has a real, empathetic understanding of the challenges and pressures that face young women, and offers solutions that are sensitive, genuine and generous."

Screenshot 2018-05-11 12.56.55.png

Becki Rabin: Founder of Premium Online Wellness Magazine 'Alt Healthy'

"Persia Lawson: total rockstar, a little sassy and a whole lot of wisdom - makes for the perfect modern day inspiration. She is raw and authentic and the passion for her work lights up everywhere she goes. Her relatability as a self-help guru and love coach speaks to every 20 - 30 something girl desperate to fill up their life with love. She is now, she is modern, she is filled up with experience and her authenticity sits at the heart of her success. I am a huge fan and also forever grateful for the work she does." 

Kate Reardon: Author, Speaker + Founder of Natural Instinct Healing retreats in Bali

"I have watched Persia transform her own life and influence and support the lives of those around her in a hugely positive way.  She is committed to her own inner healing work and openly shares all she has learnt on her incredible journey of self growth and discovery.  She brings so much light to this world, you do not want to miss out on experiencing her magic".

sean Screenshot 2017-02-08 17.30.56.jpg

Sean Patrick: Positive Psychologist, Founder of That Guy Who Loves The Universe + That Guy's House Publishing

"Persia is a rock star in the world of self-help! Her raw and real attitude to soul growth makes her the perfect teacher for anybody ready to take their life to the next level (without the BS). Her rare insight into daily trails and tribulations make her work extraordinarily unique. She is a modern day philosopher of life and love and I will be a fan for my entire life."

sadie reid Screenshot 2017-02-08 17.33.13.jpg

Sadie Reid: Founder of

“Persia is a great friend who I have known for many years. She delivers advice in a witty but truthful way and I feel very lucky to have her in my life."

Kate Northrup: Bestselling Author of 'Money: A Love Story'

"Persia is an absolute delight. It's such a pleasure to see a young dynamo bringing a fresh perspective and heart-centered, yet hip spin to the world of personal development and spirituality. Keep an eye on this one... she's up to BIG things!"

Charlotte Reed: Author and Illustrator of May The Thoughts Be With You - published by Hay House

"Persia has a loving and kind energy which makes her so approachable. She can really relate to you and help you see things in a different, more positive light. She is gifted as a love coach as she always give honest and helpful feedback. I'd recommend her to anyone if they needed help with matters of the heart. She also has such a brilliant sense of humour which makes 'working on yourself' feel like fun and something you will want to do!"

Evgenia Koroleva: Founder of ONE LDN Gym + Studios

Persia is not only the most inspirational woman but is the most fantastic coach. Her approach is completely revolutionary and life changing! If you still haven't read her book The Inner Fix, buy it immediately!”

Katie Dalebout: Author of ‘Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling'

“Persia is the real deal. Her authenticity shines through all of her work. She is intentional, smart and kind.”

Kirsten Davies: Nutritionist, Self-Love Coach + Founder of The Food Remedy

“Persia has a powerful message to share with this world. Her work has inspired and helped me to understand myself better. She bravely shares her battles and her emotional honesty is both powerful and inspirational.”

Samara Morris: Founder of

“Watching Persia develop and grow into the beautiful young woman she is today is fantastic. Straight talking, honest and empowering.”

Araminta Fife: Writer

“Persia is a constant source of wisdom, light, love, truth and guidance. A revolutionary voice in all matters of the mind, heart and soul, she is passionate about making lives better – I wish I could keep her in my pocket.”

Charlie Mackesy: Artist

“Persia is a beautiful paradox because she is effervescent with wildness, yet also has a quiet resolve for consistent love.”


Sarah Brooks: Interior Designer

“Persia is an absolute babe! So encouraging and life giving, a complete dreamer but totally real and full of wisdom.”

Lucy Sheridan: The Comparison Coach, #HigherSelfie Co-Founder + Hay House Author

To see Persia at work is to see a powerful woman in her element. Not only does she have what it takes to guide her clients to THEIR version of their own loving relationship on their own terms, she walks the talk in her own life too.” 

Mazzi Odu: Author + Founder of

"I have known Persia for five years and in that time I have had the privilege of seeing her grow and develop into an author and life coach who truly reflects the complexities facing millennial women. From the never ending choices, the myriad of anxiety inducing scenarios, and the wonderful opportunities that lie in every situation, Persia explores them with fearless honesty. Poignant, and at times hilarious, she is passionate at sharing her experiences, both good and bad, so that they can better equip others in similar situations. It is this generosity of spirit coupled with the fact that she truly to use a cliché ‘knows her stuff’ that makes her an excellent life-coach, motivational speaker and engaging author."     

Dr Fleur Appleby-Deen MBBS BSc (hons): Founder of Dr Fleur

"If you want to change something in your life, model people who have changed their own lives and have what you want. Persia will be the perfect guide: she has a gift to make you know you are enough, and that is priceless - and, she does it all with a wicked sense of humour. Deeply committed to her own growth and evolution, Persia walks her talk. I'm lucky to know her."