"MAJOR thank you. For everything. I am so fucking happy and have been in total surrender to love for the first time... It feels so real and conscious and gets deeper every day - can't believe it could even feel this good!"


“I had always heard from others how beneficial life-coaching was, but had never really thought of it for myself. Luckily, when Addictive Daughter came into my life through a third party, I jumped at the chance. I was very used to therapy throughout my life, but once I understood more about AD, I just felt that their outlook and goals mirror my own. My entire life has been turned upside down since working with Persia – in the best possible way, and I haven’t even finished yet – I still have two more weeks of the coaching left, but so far, the transformation has been nothing less than a miracle. My strength & confidence has skyrocketed, and I have been able to deal with some major changes and a couple of hardships that I would not have been able to face before the coaching. I am becoming the person I always wanted to be; my life, my happiness and my world is now a brighter place. My favourite part of the coaching is the relationship I have built with Persia – the love & guidance that has come from someone who really has stood in my shoes. She laid out a program for me that was specific to me and at each point (the highs and the lows) she has always been at the end of a call or a text – I didn’t have to wait for our next session. It feels really personal, and that really opens you up to trust and let yourself go. Persia was such an inspiration to me because she showed me what the other side looked like. She was gentle and loving with me, but didn’t let me bullshit her. The structure of the program also didn’t let me get away with excuses and hide behind the defences I have used in the past to stop myself going deeper. She really has become my rock. I have reconnected with the best sides of me – the spiritual side that I felt I lost for a while, and I even got my arse back in the gym! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted that has opened me up to new & exciting experiences. I feel like my relationship with people, with my work and with myself have been given a new lease on life, and now I look forward to the day and the possibilities that lay ahead. What I love most about this process is that this is never ending if I don’t want it to be – I have been given tools and actions in a gentle and loving way that now I can use to keep moving forward, one day at time. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this coaching program – this process is life changing. I could have kept going in the same patterns & behaviours without too many consequences, however, when you make yourself willing to really look at yourself, you soon realise that life can be so much better than you ever dreamed – all you need is a little bit of guidance.”


“I came to the coaching with Persia with quite an open-mind, as I’ve also had therapy in the past, which I felt this coaching really complemented. It also made me get clear about my unique strengths & gifts, as well as helping me believe in myself more by showing me how far I’ve already come. It reminded me how much good stuff I have in my life today – and my music career and my body & health are all going from strength to strength as a result. One of the main benefits I got from the coaching is that it inspired me to be more positive – especially when things are rough – as the coaching showed me that I can see this as a gift to work on my emotions and reactions. I would highly recommend coaching with Persia, because she gives you really useful and specific tools to help lead a happier life, and gives you a boost of motivation to actually make the changes you need to make!”


 “My life has completely changed since working with Persia - the coaching and support I received from her has been invaluable in finding my strength and happiness. For the first time in my life I feel I have clarity and peace in my life. Opening up and talking about things can be hard, but I trust Persia and the methods she uses to guide you - they are foolproof, and I have even tipped a couple of friends off about certain things that helped me, and guess what? Their lives seem to be shifting into better, happier places too. Persia empowered me again when I was at my most crushed and lost. I don’t know where I’d be without her guidance and support.”


“My initial hesitation to start coaching with Persia was that I wasn’t in ‘crisis’ – I was happy and progressing in life and my business, but I knew I needed something, and more importantly someone, to help me turn the pages and transition into the next chapter. All doubt was lifted when I read the details of the full program. In-depth and with heaps of soul, I knew that coaching with Persia was it – and the shifts in my life and in myself, have been immense.

There were things, like money, that I hadn’t realised were the root cause of a lot of discomfort and problems that were manifesting in other areas of my life because I wasn’t paying attention to what I had. I don’t think I would have discovered that or made the changes for quite some time had it not been for this program which helped me to look at all areas of myself and life – not just the ones I was comfortable with i.e. career. The coaching has helped me to embed positive habits and now if I’m feeling off key, I know exactly what I need to do to get back and connected again. I gained so much confidence with my existing spiritual practice and took it to a new level thanks to working with Persia – coaching was my favourite part of the week. Happier, more daring, confident and with more solid daily practices that add to my well-being and spiritual discovery –  she has helped me take life to the next level, and it’s damn exciting! Persia is a remarkable coach and whilst the program itself is well-thought out and a vehicle for serious change – it was her energy and guidance that I loved most about coaching. With a full heart and excitement for anyone considering life-coaching with her, I highly recommend it. It has been life changing for me. This isn’t a friendly chit chat, it’s a serious program with practical action to take each week. Its intensity and the required commitment is what makes it so valuable.


“At first, I thought that I wasn’t feeling down enough to invest in life-coaching. But I kept thinking about it, and it just felt right to sign up for it. I’ve noticed that I am more present in and engaging with everyday life. Just the feeling of actively working on myself and my development feels great. I liked best that it was a very holistic approach and covered every aspect of life there is. At the same time, it was really personal and always related back those big topics to my personal situation and how it is relevant to me. Also, Persia didn’t lecture, but asked the right questions to get me to find the answer by myself and realise what is true for me. I got really practical tools to implement every day and also gained the momentum to follow through on them - I’d definitely recommend life-coaching with Persia!” 


“To be honest, I always thought life-coaching was for depressed people with fucked up lives, but, having done life-coaching with Persia, I now see that really it’s for anyone who wants to improve their life and become as happy as they can. I definitely thought it would be really awkward to discuss my private stuff with someone in my age group, but Persia achieved the perfect balance of friendliness & professionalism, and I found myself able to open up to her with complete ease – this is not usual for me! I’m massively surprised by how much I benefited from the coaching and the tools and exercises we did; I learned so much about myself, and am now totally clear about what is important to me – I now know that life will just get better & better!”


“My entire life has changed as a result of doing the life-coaching program with Persia. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t put a price on what I’ve gained from the experience. It has kick started things that I have known would make my life beautiful for a long time, but wasn’t able to do without the support, accountability, guidance and love that I got from Persia. I now have overwhelming hope for the future. It helped me to experience a complete undoing of overwhelm, long-term depressive moods, and the strength to deal with shitty moments even in the midst of them. I have a totally new perception of myself, my body, money and my life purpose. I no longer have wobbly days or weeks, only wobbly hours now and then. I’m more consistent, more diligent, more committed, and more relaxed in all areas of my life. I’ve started treating my body so well, writing again, and I feel happy, calm and completely faithful in the future. I’m also more organised, but at the same time, more easy going! 

I loved my gorgeous mentor Persia, too. Her greatest strength was her gentleness mixed with no bullshit approach. I felt extremely comfortable with her and not psycho-analysed! It was also so lovely to have a young person as my coach as we could talk on the same level of awareness & about similar interests. This time with Persia has been the most transformative in my entire life. I will always remember it as the turning point in my relationship with myself, my body, and my purpose. So yes, you could say it has been good value for money!!! If you’re reading this, just do it, do it, do it – the world needs the happiest you.”


“When I read the program structure I thought that the course may be too prescriptive for me and the issues that I wanted to work on, but actually Persia allowed me to discuss those things as and when I needed to and made each session personal to me without going off track. Since starting the program I am so much happier and lighter! I started the program during a very low period in my life. Doing the work helped me to gain some of my self worth and confidence back. It also forced me to look at areas that I had neglected, such as my relationship with my body and money. Since starting this work the excess pounds have just fallen off! I also feel so much calmer and more serene. I am more concerned with my own happiness, as opposed to what others think of me, and I am less prone to reaching our for external things to give me a “quick fix”. I really loved the personal relationship I developed with Persia. She was very attentive and would run over sessions if there were still things to discuss. She also sent me useful tools and nuggets throughout the week which was really great! I 100% recommend doing this program - you don’t have to be in a dark place or looking for anything in particular, the tools taught are useful for everyday life. They allow you to identify those self-limiting beliefs that you have had about yourself for years – it’s a great start for anybody that wants to become a happier, healthier version of themselves!


“I was really nervous before coaching with Persia that I would not be able to express myself or that it would be really awkward, but it wasn’t at all! The greatest benefit has been an improved sense of happiness - I feel noticeably different in myself and the way I think about myself has completely changed for the better. My body has got much stronger, I feel much less stressed at work and do not flap as much when things come up last minute. Also, my skin is glowing and I look so much happier - many of my friends have noticed a positive difference. I would definitely recommend working with Persia. I think her main strengths are her honesty and her ability to assess how I was thinking and respond with an idea or thought to help me. I also feel that the program was good value for money as you get a lot of face time and attention from Persia – plus, I thought of it as an investment in my happiness. I would like to say a huge thanks to Persia for helping me get clear about my future goals and the negative patterns that were holding me back. Thanks to her help and guidance I feel so much better in myself and I’m really excited about the future.”