Join Love Coaches & Dating Experts, Persia Lawson & Luke Steele, as they discuss and share their insights on how you can find real, lasting love in a superficial world - no matter your gender, sexual preference or how much of a shambles your live life currently is!  

This practical and often times hilarious podcast will help you transform your mindset around modern dating, providing you with a series of small, tangible actions you can take in order to attract the best relationship of your life.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to know what a ‘quality’ partner is (& isn’t!)

  • A few home-truths you MUST be clued up on in order to be successful at online dating (& a simple question that’ll reveal whether dating apps will help or hinder your love life)

  • The best places to meet quality partners IRL (& how to get them to hit on you)

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Which insight in Ep. 3 had the biggest impact on you?

And, how you can start applying this to your love life, starting today?

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Persia & Luke xxx

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Persia Lawson

… is an author, speaker, millennial dating expert and ‘one of the UK’s most successful love coaches’ – according to The Times magazine. Having once been a serial cheater and obsessive love addict, she’s proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship and is passionate about helping women heal and improve their own love lives via her online coaching program ‘Get Your Soulmate’ (GYS).

A former actress, Persia is best known for co-founding positive lifestyle movement Addictive Daughter and co-authoring the book and app ‘The Inner Fix’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 2016) which has been dubbed “THE self-help book for the millennial generation.”

Trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and addiction studies, Persia has supported thousands of women (including some well-known celebrities) in radically transforming all aspects of their lives, gaining her the status of ‘irreverent British guru’ by Marie Claire magazine and being described by Sadie Frost as ‘refreshingly honest, raw + relatable’.

Her work has featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The BBC, You magazine + The Evening Standard, and she regularly writes and consults for online dating site E-Harmony

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Luke Steele

…Luke has worked in the dating and personal development industry since 2005. Having previously worked on a referral-only basis with his clients, in January 2019 he launched a new brand under his own name. Like Persia he is also a former actor and is now a teacher, speaker and yoga and meditation instructor.

After finally losing his virginity at the age of 22, Luke decided he had to find out what the rules to dating were that he had failed to understand where all his friends (and every other red-blooded male!) had succeeded.

His frustration led him on an epic journey of discovery - his research topic being the fascinating subject of the psychology and practicalities of dating and relationships: what makes them work, why people struggle, how to attract the best possible mate, and everything in between.

This journey began in 2004 and evolved to become his life's work; an ongoing journey into the study of the male and female mind. After reaching his dating zenith some years after he started, he realised that sex with attractive women didn't provide the sense of achievement and fulfillment he was looking for. Since then he has been helping men to realise the joy of finding 'the one' and helping them on their own journeys.

Having coached over 1000 clients, he has a unique insight into the male psyche and offers refreshing and light-hearted insights into a tricky area of life for us all!