Are you tired and frustrated of attracting the same kind of partner into your life?

Bored of repeating the same patterns time and time again?

A total commitment-phobe?

Currently in an unhappy relationship, but unsure about how to move forward?




I’m thrilled to announce my first ever LOVE RETREAT which will take place this coming September in southern Spain. 

Whatever your relationship status, this retreat week is designed to transform all your relationships, because we work on healing and transforming the most important one of them all… the relationship you have with yourself!

Often we get caught up in the trap of playing the victim (Why me? Poor me!)

But, when we're stuck in this vibration we're actually disempowering ourselves from attracting the healthy, soulful relationship we deserve.

This is why the relationship we have with ourselves is the key component: it’s the very foundation for the quality of relationships that we manifest into our lives.

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During the retreat, we’ll be taking an inward journey to uncover our unconscious patterns, heal past wounds and turn our pain into medicine.

This will be a journey of taking radical responsibility for how we show up in our relationships.

We’ll be getting super clear on what’s keeping us stuck, what’s our part to play and tools to help move forward from here so that we can manifest healthy conscious relationships.


The week will cover the following topics:

  • Past Romantic Patterns
  • Spiritual Connection + Forgiveness

  • Self Worth + Boundaries

  • Visualization of Ideal Future Relationship

  • Communication Skills Around Dating


Are you ready to call back your power and take full ownership for how you show up in all of your relationships?

Are you ready to change your patterns of unconscious victim roles and re-write your story, taking radical responsibility for what YOU bring to your relationships?

If you're hearing the call, are willing to dive deep and do the work, then this retreat is ready for you, too!

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What a typical day looks like:

7.30 – 10am Meditation + Yoga
10am – 12.00 – Breakfast
12.00 – 14.30 – Workshop
14.30 – 16.00 – Lunch
16.00 – 18.00 – Workshop
19.30 – 21.00 Dinner



DATE: September 24th – 30th 2018


PLACE: The Gran Hotel Benahavis - a stunning 4* Spa and Hotel Resort situated in the Andalusian mountains of Southern Spain, 15 minutes from the city of Marbella.

Find out more about the accommodation HERE


Prices (per person) inclusive of everything EXCEPT flights and transfers:

  • Dorm (X5 share) – £550

  • X3 Share – £700

  • X2 Share – £850

  • Single – £1000

*Book before July 1st 2018 and get £50 off!

Apply for this retreat:

This retreat is by application only.

To apply, email and we'll send you your application form.

(Please put “Love Module” in the subject heading of your email and make sure you mention that you’re applying via Persia).

N.B. Spaces for this retreat are strictly limited, so the earlier you apply, the better!

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