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“No one really knows how, when or why two souls collide when they do; that’s the magic of love.” - @Persia_Lawson


Love always enters later than you want.

Often, just moments after you’ve given up

All hope of it ever arriving.


Our desire is such

That the waiting becomes a constant, vicious ache

Which ceases to desist

Only with our consciousness

When we’re conked out in bed,

Or in those fleeting moments

When we’re so enfolded in a task or a twinkle of joy

That the unrelenting obsession with what we lack

Hangs temporarily suspended …


… Until we choose to once again

Detach ourselves from sanity

Through the insidious lie that worry and fear and obsession

Will somehow bring us what we long for

(Or at least minimize our disappointment if our Love fails

To manifest when we think they should).


The truth is that no one really knows

How, when or why two souls collide when they do;


It is magic, alchemy

At times, even sorcery

(Or, so it seems when the love is unrequited, anyway).



How to thrive, then,

In the interval?

(For that’s all this waiting really is – a space between Acts).


I have learned that the fastest way

To hurry along the next part of the story

Is not to stay in your seat

And desperately will the curtains to open,

But to make the very most of this reprieve:

Stretch your legs, 

Get some air,

Take a leak,

Brave the bar

Whatever feels like the most satiating use of this time.


And, before you know it,

The announcement will come:

“Love Is Here!”

It’ll chime,

“Please take your seat!”


“But, I’m not ready!”

You’ll find yourself protesting as you pull up your pants,

“I need two more minutes!”


Isn’t it funny

How the very things

That seem to take a lifetime to arrive

Come out of nowhere

The moment we take our eyes off the prize?




In your experience, have the things you’ve really wanted in life taken longer than you hoped to show up?

How did you cope in the meantime?


Big love,

Persia xxx