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“To keep the love, intimacy + attraction alive in long-term relationships, we must prioritise keeping our own personal passions alive.” @Persia_Lawson


I hope you had a magical August – mine was truly spectacular <3


Here’s just a few of the highlights:


  • I ran a workshop on ‘How To Meet The Love of Your Life at Wilderness’ (at – you guessed it – Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire) and quite a few ladies who attended ended up meeting lovely fellas at the workshop/ in the festival that they’re now dating!

  • I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with Joe (as well as his 30th birthday) in epic style at Soho Farmhouse with both of our families and dearest friends.

  • I went to the hen-do of my gorgeous buddy Sarah (who I’ll have the honour of playing the celebrant role to in her wedding in Italy this Saturday!)

  • Joe and I spontaneously found ourselves road-tripping across France to attend our friend’s festival in the most magnificent private valley in the Dordogne region (and we decided to sack off the second half of the road-trip to stay and help clean up afterwards – which turned out to be the best bit, would you believe?!)

  • And finally, on Saturday just gone I held a picnic in London for a few of my gorgeous Get Your Soulmate graduates <3


Inevitably, not all that much ‘work’ got done in August…


(Unless you count writing a LOT of inspired ideas + notes in my iphone, making numerous lists of my goals for the autumn, and reading fantastic novels to get the old creative cogs a-whirring – my favourite of them was ‘The Pisces’ by Melissa Broder which is a funny, poignant take on sex + love addiction in women – check it out here).

As I mentioned in my last newsletter at the end of July, I’d decided to use the month of August purely for travel, creativity + play alongside my beloved Joe, who also had the month off work.

Our adventures over this last month reminded me of our 5-month travel stint earlier this year, as well as a very valuable love lesson:

In order to keep the love, intimacy + attraction alive in long-term relationships, we must prioritise keeping our own personal passions alive.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you’ll know that festivals, relationships, dinosaurs, music + literature are BIG passions of mine; I literally can’t get enough of them.

Which is why giving myself permission to indulge in these passions for a whole month (guilt-free) was so important to me – and so beneficial to mine and Joe’s relationship.

We feel closer than ever, having spent a lot of our road-trip getting excited about future adventures we’re planning - both together and solo (a few of which would have terrified me before, but now I feel so ready for them!)

Because that’s what committing to your personal passions does for your love life:

It makes you visible, attractive + magnetic to the right romantic partner for YOU.

So, I ask you dear one, what glorious passions of yours are you gonna commit to cultivating this autumn?

You never know, that passion could be the very thing that ends up attracting the love of your life - maybe even just in time for Christmas… ;)


Well… go on then…

Tell me:

What passions are you gonna commit to this autumn?!?

Writing it down/ sharing it with another person will make it much more likely you’ll actually take action ;)

Big passionate lovin,

Persia xxx