For every woman you covet for her happily ever after,

There’s five who’d (nearly) kill for your latest career achievement.

For every time you bemoan your lack of a plus one,

There are many more moments when your solitude is your most treasured luxury.

For every stomach-churningly hideous first date,

There’s a third so electric your married friend would sell her firstborn to switch places for the night.

For every Christmas without that extra gift,

There’s a birthday that’s not your job to stress about.

For all those nights you panic you’re being left behind in love,

There are dozens of days when you lap your peers in productivity & purpose.

For every man you wish was yours,

There’s another woman who wishes he wasn’t hers.

For every romantic city break you long to book,

There’s an annual girl’s trip you’d miss over your dead body.

For all the love you’re currently not making,

There’s a pocket rocket that never fails to satisfy.

For all the times you’d give anything to be married,

There’s another woman who’d give anything not to be.

For all the dinners, flowers, candles he isn’t treating you to,

There’s a soul sister who surprises you with VIP tickets to the Spice Girls.

For every lonely evening without a Netflix & Chill bedmate,

There’s a magic morning where star-fishing, farting & morning breath go unjudged.

For all the times you dream of being held by your soulmate,

There’s the possibility they could walk in to your reality that very same day.

So, stop convincing yourself there’s something missing from your life.

Stop kidding yourself that all your coupled-up friends have it so much better than you do.

And, stop overlooking the magnitude of love that’s already present;

Millions would give up everything to be in your shoes.



Do you often fall in to the comparison quagmire?

What’s one aspect of your current romantic situation that you feel truly grateful for?

Let me know below!

All my Love,

Persia xxx