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“People who are worth your time, your energy + your heart won’t disappear if you’re brave enough to be vulnerable with them.” - @Persia_Lawson

So, I just got smacked over the head with a super-obvious life lesson and felt compelled to share it with you.

Like me, you probably already know it.

But, also like me, you probably could do with hearing it again.

I won’t bore you with the details, but basically the other day I was having a particularly low moment here in Bali.

I text my friend about it, and felt like he was a bit dismissive.

Now, because I absolutely detest confrontation, normally I would have just kept schtum + let it slide.

(Cue massive resentment and the slow, insidious eroding of self-respect over time).


I decided to follow the advice I always give to my love-coaching clients when someone they’re dating does something that upsets them:


Obvious, right?

Well, not so much when you’re terrified someone you really like will get pissed off + reject you if you call them out on something.

But, I did it anyway and guess what happened:

My friend apologised straight away over text, and then immediately came to where I was to buy me a coffee, give me a hug + check I was ok.

No drama.

And I instantly felt so grateful that I didn’t try to diminish my own pain to spare another person from feeling theirs.

Hear this, my love:

People who are worth your time, your energy + your heart won’t disappear if you’re brave enough to be vulnerable with them.

They’ll step up like my dear friend did and own their part (or at the very least, hear what you have to say and respond with their own kindly + respectfully).

I know you already know that you get what you give in love.

But, I also hope you know that giving your SELF respect is the most effective way to command that respect back from others, too.

Even if it’s scary.

Even if it makes you hella uncomfortable.

For God’s sake dear one, share your truth;

The people who deserve to have you in their life will love you all the more for it.


Do you find it hard to be honest with people if they upset you or piss you off?

How has holding back your truth affected you in your relationships?

Let me know below <3

Persia xxx