If You're Looking For A Sign, This Is It

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“Don’t diminish your desires, pursue them with your whole heart; life’s too short not to.” –@Persia_Lawson.

Do not be ashamed of how much you want,

Dear Heart.

You haven’t journeyed through lifetimes

To ‘make do with your lot’;

You came here to expand.

You came here to build a bridge

Between the aching fragility of one

That has loved and lost,

Burned and bled,

Seduced and suffocated,

And one that has relinquished

All of these

To beat without agenda.

You are not alone;

As you release all that has choked

Your luminous swag

You magnetise worlds of potential

- Great swirls of potential

Who’ve been waiting patiently

To deliver your secret yearnings

Free of charge.

It cannot come all at once;

You do not have the space today.

The elements will crystallize

One by one

As your expectation aligns with your awareness of how

Exceptionally worthy you are

Of achieving your dreams.

This is a process

You and your sex have been excluded from

For millennia.

It’s not just your body that’s been indoctrinated,

It’s your imagination;

You were taught that:

You were plucked from Adam,

A part, not a whole;

That you paired up with a serpent

To deceive and beguile;

To be silent, chaste, obedient,

Shut up, shut down, smile.

For wanting magic over realism and kindness from strangers,

They raped you in to denial

They put out the light and then put out your light,

You acquiesced,

But a spark remained all the while.

Awake, Dear Heart, awake. Thou hast slept well. Awake.

Has not this spark erupted in to Sasha-Fierce flame?

Has not this flame ignited the dormant desire within your soul?

Has not your soul softly roared and readied itself for this very moment,

Right here, right now?

What’s past is prologue,

What’s next is all:

(The man, the money, the mansion – yes,

But there’s infinitely more…)

Do not diminish your desire again, Dear Heart,

It is your map, your lighthouse,

Your chance to stop playing small.

I hope you take it.



Have you, as a woman, felt ashamed or guilty of your desires or dreams? Why?

What’s one little action step you could take today as a statement to yourself that you’re worthy of pursuing (and achieving) these dreams?

Really hope to connect with you in the comments :)

All my love,

Persia xx

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