The Best Is Yet To Come

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“The better it gets, the better it gets.” – @Persia_Lawson


The best is yet to come,

My friend;

The best is yet to come.


This I know to be true


Once I was brave enough

To step forward and truly meet



-       Though there was grief to process

-       Anger to release

-       Wrongs to forgive


What was waiting on the other side

Of all that struggle


Was more joy, love and abundance than I knew

One person could ever be granted in






The best is yet to come,

My friend;

The best is yet to come.


It could have come a whole lot sooner

Had I known the secret to spiralling up

Instead of down -

Here it is:

You must make feeling good your sole priority.

Do something small


That makes you feel good on the inside

And your outside reality will soon match up.


And if you’re feeling bad

(Though there ain’t no ‘bad’, just uncomfortable)

Don’t reach for the stars – they’re too far right now;


Just reach for the thought and action

That will give you some RELIEF

-       a bath, cup of tea, nap – you know the drill,

Then get yourself to bed,

For Tomorrow’s a new day

And knows how to hold you.


I learned all this from the Woo-Woos

Whom I once dismissed

As incense burning, fuzzy cardigan-wearing, herbal tea-drinking




With their talk of High Vibes

And the healing properties of Mary-Jane.


Turns out

-       Now I’m one of them


And understand that:

Love Actually

Is all around.


You reap what you sow.


If Beyonce can make some pretty rad Lemonade

From some pretty shitty lemons


So can we all


(Because there’s less pressure).


The best is yet to come,

My friend;

The best is yet to come.


So if you’re reading this

I hope you too are brave enough to meet yourself, for


Only you have the answers you’re seeking,

Only you know the right way for you:


Please Trust Yourself Sweet Pea;


You’re already doing it

You’ve already arrived


And if you knew all the Exquisiteness

That’s waiting for you to stop resisting and invite it in

For tea and crumpets


You’d be dancing round the kitchen naked right now. 



Have you personally experienced the idea that the better it gets, the better it gets (and the worse it gets the worse it gets?!)

I’d be so grateful if you’d share with me your experience around this concept – and any tips or tools that have helped you continue to grow and enjoy life more – I’m all ears!

Biggest love,

Persia xx

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