What 2017 Has In Store For You

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“There is no movement of advance without loss.” – Joseph Marinus via @Persia_Lawson

Last week, I had my first ever astrology reading with a lovely lady called Lee Lam.

Whilst I never fail to read my horoscope in the Evening Standard when I’m in town, my knowledge and understanding of the zodiac is very amateur, so I was curious to learn more.

The session was kindly gifted to me by my friend & business mentor, Lucy Sheridan, who’s gained a lot of personal insight from astrology over the years. 

I came with an open mind, and left with a profound sense that what I’d just been told confirmed everything I already knew (apparently that’s the Aquarian in me).

Here’s the not-so-pleasant stuff:

I’ve always been on a quest for perfection, which ironically can limit and hold me back.

I’m often drawn to ‘shiny’ things in life and social groups, and as a result some people can find me exhausting/ manipulative.

In the past, I’ve had a lack of core values, specifically around honesty.

When feeling threatened, I can get very controlling and angry – particularly with people I love.

Here’s the much-more-pleasant stuff:

I’m a really optimistic, encouraging, action-orientated person, with an intuitive sense of knowing what will (and will not) work for myself, my clients, family & friends.

The Piscerian aspects in me mean I’m incredibly sensitive, empathetic and spiritually connected, meaning I feel EVERYTHING and am able to translate what people need to hear in a way that resonates for them.

 I’m strongly pulled to doing work that I believe will transform the world, which stems from a deep desire to grow and evolve as a spiritual being.

The thing that most resonated with me, though, was actually less about me as an individual and more about what 2016 and 2017 represent for us as a collective.

Because, whilst I believe that we’re all unique souls on a unique journey, I’m equally excited about the journey we’re on as a species.

Lee said that 2016 was all about finally facing the stuff most of us have been avoiding dealing with – the shadow-self, in other words.

For me, this meant really looking at my codependency issues, my fear of commitment, and my tendency to abandon my true self in favour of superficial/ ‘shiny’ people, places & things that do not serve my growth.

For the world, it seemed (to me, at least) to mean Brexit, Trump, a rise in terrorism and the unexpected deaths of many well-loved, brilliant souls.

There is a clear correlation between the two, because the micro is always reflected in the macro (and vice versa) on an energetic level.

The good news is that loss and tragedy always bear with them an important opportunity – which is what 2017 represents:

The opportunity to grow, expand and heal the wounds that 2016 exposed so that we may move into a space of love, compassion and abundance – as individuals, and as a collective.

Back in early January of this year, I was walking by Embankment in London with my boyfriend and his parents.

As we neared the station, I noticed a man selling his hand-written poems on the corner of the street.

Very quickly, I realised it was the same man that had given my ex-boyfriend a poem to give to me when we broke up back in mid-2012 (a story I share in ‘The Inner Fix’).

Excitedly, I ran over to the man to tell him that one of his beautiful poems was now in a published book, and that I’d been desperate to give him a copy for ages.

After exchanging details so I could send him one, Joseph gave me another poem.

As I started writing this blog today, the little voice within nudged me to share it with you.

At the time he’d given it to me, this poem had seemed so relevant to where I was in my life and what both 2016 and 2017 represented for me.

Reading it again today, I realise that it’s also a message to anyone who’s open and ready to take last year’s pain and turn it in to purpose;

Micro = macro. 

If you’re still reading, then I believe you’re one of them:



As you know I came

By discontent to the wall.

A door materialized

And I went through it

Into larger space

Where led another door.

So without intention

I left my country

And arrived elsewhere.

In the human stumbling

Who easily discerns

Call of Providence?

Yet, exhilaration

Of unimagined wings,

Sense of youth recovered,

Cannot entirely deceive.

There is no movement

Of advance without loss,

Wound of sacrifice.

The shed skin by the road

Precious with memory

Holds me anguishedly,

Laden with ache

Of its abandonment

I turn, and hurry on

The road which is myself.

- Joseph Marinus



What did 2016 represent for you? How about 2017?

Did what Lee Lam say have resonance for your own personal journey, or for your perception of what’s been going on with our planet over the last few years?

I’d love it so much if you’d share any of your insights from this blog (or Joseph’s beautiful poem) with me in the comments below :)

Love always,

Persia xx

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