It Can All Change In An Instant

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“Your life can change in an instant – for better or worse; take nothing for granted.” - @Persia_Lawson


It can all change in an instant,

Your life.

We’re led to believe that




Take years of graft

-       And they do

(“She’s an overnight success a decade in the making…)

But, actually,

The manifestation – the miracle itself

Usually occurs

In a single moment.

These moments

Are almost always

The result

Of having finally surrendered your limited perception of what’s required

To win,



-       Of having finally had the courage to ask

To be relieved of the bondage of self

In favour of a higher form of wisdom

 That sees things you can’t.

“Do the work,

Then leave it in the wings”

I was once advised before a show,

“And let divine inspiration

And intelligence

Do the rest.”

What I have learned

About getting anything you want

In this life

Is that

You only need to know the ‘what’;

The ‘how’

Is out of your hands

And will be delivered to you

In unexpected and delightful ways

As soon as you let go of the steering wheel,

Sit back

And enjoy the ride;

As soon as you stop back-seat driving.

It will come as:

The phonecall,

Saying your offer was accepted


The email,

With news of a promotion


The text,

Telling you it’s a boy

(And mum and baby

Are doing fine)


The chance encounter on a plane,

Where you sat next to the right person

At the right time


The synchronistic head turn at a festival,

Where you lock eyes

With The One

You’ll one day marry.

I could go on


(- And here’s the small print):

It’s a double-edged sword

And we must never forget

That it can go the other way,


Some of you know this;

Some of you have had

The wind knocked out of you

At 3.38 in the morning

After receiving

‘The’ call

-       The One you were always dreading

Or The One you

Could never have anticipated or imagined


-       not in a million years.

And so, we must remain

Ever vigilant,

Ever grateful,

Ever present,

Available and open

To Every Moment

We’re gifted one more breath


Knowing that in the next

Our lives could change indescribably

For better,


(I hate to say)

For worse.

Take nothing for granted.



Has your life ever changed ‘in an instant’ – for better, or worse?

I’d love for you to share your experience around this idea in the comments below – it’s such a good reminder to all of us to make the most of every moment (even the ones we don’t like) because we just never know what the next might hold.


All my love,

Persia xx