4 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before The End Of 2018


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Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good. - Plato via @Persia_Lawson

Happy Christmas!

I hope you’re having an absolute blinder of a day <3

Just a super quick one from me - because I know you’ll likely be marinating in some much-needed family time (along with heaps of roast potatoes & box upon box of Celebrations).

I find that the week between Christmas Day and NYE - while great for relaxing & winding down purposes – can sometimes feel a bit stagnant and, you know, long.

And, as great as it is to watch re-runs of all the Die Hards, I believe this time can be used to do something a little more life-affirming.

I’ve been doing yearly reviews now for the last 7 years, and I have to say, they’ve been totally game-changing for me in terms of getting me focused & prepared for the following year.

Plus, it’s always a nice feeling to see how far you’ve come in certain areas – especially if you’ve had a tough 12 months.

A few years ago, my end of year review practice was massively up-levelled courtesy of the brilliant US life & biz coach Marie Forleo.

Instead of trying to come up with a better one, I’ve decided to just share what she taught in one of her YouTube vids at the end of 2016 instead (with one of my own super-useful questions thrown in as a little bonus).

What’s so great about Marie’s framework for this exercise is that it’s reaaaally simple & quick – meaning you’re more likely to actually do it ;)

So, at some point in the next few days, grab a cuppa, your journal & a pen, and ask yourself the following questions (ideally before NYE):

1)  What am I proud of myself for this year?

(Could be something big like getting a promotion, or something smaller like making the effort to walk more instead of using public transport/ your car).

2)   What were my biggest mistakes (aka lessons/ learning opportunities) this year?

(E.g. I learned that I can’t function well on 5 hours sleep a night, that I need to spend more time with my family, that my social media use needs to have some boundaries!)

3)  What do I want to let go of for next year?

(People-pleasing? Obsessing over my weight? Worrying about all & sundry?)

And here’s my bonus question that’s also made a really big difference to how I look back over my year:

4)  What was the overall theme of 2018 for me?

(This one may be inspired by any of your answers from above. For 2018, my overall theme was about stepping in to my power as a leader and a business woman so that I can support more women to up level their own love lives. I’ve reminded myself of this constantly throughout 2018, and it’s made a huge difference to how I speak to myself - and how I behave around others).

So, there you have it…

I tend to find that I come back to these lists over the few days between x-mas & NYE to keep adding things as I remember them, so don’t worry if you’re a bit blank to start off with.

I now have 8 end of year reviews that I read over whenever I do this exercise afresh, and it’s so affirming to see how far I’ve come, year after year.

I hope you find this process as effective & enjoyable as I’ve found it - here’s to ending our 2018 with a bang, and a whole lot of love & compassion for our personal journeys <3


You know what I’m gonna ask… share your end-of-year-review answers with me below!

Let’s all support & inspire each other in gleaning as much useful insight as possible from this exercise.

I will be sharing my answers on my social channels in the next few days – keep an eye out ;)

All my end-of-2018 love,

Persia xxx

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