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I’m Persia - an Author, Speaker & Love Coach passionate about helping women get (and sustain) healthy, soulful, lasting relationships in the chaos of the modern dating world.

Having once been a serial cheater and obsessive love addict, I’m proud to now be in a great relationship that inspires and challenges me daily (and isn’t the least bit boring, as I always feared a ‘healthy’ relationship would be).   

So, if you find yourself heartbroken, struggle with intimacy, self-sabotage & picking unavailable lovers - or are completely overwhelmed by the online dating scene - you're in the right place.

“Current, sassy, relatable, grounded, funny and honest, Persia is lighting the way for a new generation of women to live more happy, more conscious lives from the inside out.”

- Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling Author of ‘Light Is The New Black’ & ‘Rise Sister Rise’


Through Addictive Daughter - a movement I set up with a friend to help millennials cure their 'quarter-life crisis' (which has featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan & The Sunday Times), our book The Inner Fix (deemed “the self-help book for the millennial generation”) and my coaching programs, videos & blog posts, I’ve spent the last 8 years dedicated to helping people like you lead happier, more fulfilling lives. 

Unexpectedly, a few months after our book came out, my friend and I both felt called to step back from Addictive Daughter and pursue our own individual passions in work.

I instantly knew that for me, that would be love and relationships - the area where I’ve struggled the most, but also where I’ve experienced the biggest transformation.

“Persia is one of the most insightful people I know. She has huge personal experience when it comes to matters of love, life and relationships and you’ll always find her ready to share her super-insight in order to help others. I can’t think of anyone better to be a love coach.”

- Harriet Jones, Deputy Editor, Brides magazine


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Let me rewind.

As I share in The Inner Fix, my parents were active drug addicts until I was about 16.

Whilst I was so grateful when they both got sober, I’d spent the majority of my life constantly surrounded by drama and chaos, so when that suddenly disappeared I went looking for it in my love life instead. 

I was so terrified of being hurt like I had been growing up that I’d sabotage any chance of a happy relationship – either by cheating on the nice boyfriends I had, or going out with dysfunctional ‘bad boys’ so that I’d never have to risk real intimacy or commitment.

This pattern continued well in to my 20s - fuelled further by the rise of the 'swipe' culture of social media and online dating apps that made it easier and more tempting to 'play away', and harder and less desirable to try and maintain a steady, long-term relationship. 

"Persia is a rock star in the world of self-help. Her raw and real attitude to soul growth makes her the perfect teacher for anybody ready to take their life to the next level (without the BS). She is a modern day philosopher of life and love and I will be a fan for my entire life."

- Sean Patrick, Positive Psychologist, Founder of That Guy Who Loves The Universe & That Guy's House Publishing


My rock bottom moment came in 2010 when I found myself working as a hostess in a London strip club, where I was sexually assaulted. 

Following this incident, I put on two stone whilst on an acting job in Shanghai, prompting my concerned dad to take me away to a health retreat in Thailand. Whilst there, he gave me some profound advice: 

Focus on the insides and the outsides will take care of themselves.

Here began my spiritual journey into healing the real root of all my romantic dilemmas: my relationship with myself.


LONG story short, two painful yet enlightening break-ups (and a whole lot of therapy) later, I found myself training as a life coach and setting up a positive lifestyle movement with my friend to help those struggling through a ‘quarter-life crisis’. 

However, despite landing a book deal and being hailed “irreverent British gurus” by Marie Claire magazine, something in me knew I still had a lot of growing to do – particularly in my love life. 

As I was working on the first draft of The Inner Fix in mid-2015, I’d been single for a year and a half (a long time for me).

During this writing period, I spent every morning meditating, journaling and getting connected through music to help heal my issues around my love life - as well as to prepare me to receive the loving, soulful relationship I’d always dreamed of having, but feared I’d never be able to sustain. 

These daily rituals also inspired me to share my desire to meet my ‘Twin Flame’ in the 'Love' chapter of The Inner Fix – a spiritual concept describing a special soul connection between two people who often experience ‘love at first sight,’ and commit to growing together in friendship & intimacy as a couple.   

Two days after writing those words, I met my Twin Flame in a secret rave at Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire – and it was very much love at first sight.

“Persia is a beautiful paradox because she is effervescent with wildness, yet also has a quiet resolve for consistent love.”

- Charlie Mackesy, Artist


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Joey Wilderness (as my friends nick-named him) was good-looking, fun, kind, emotionally available, had a great job that he loved, wanted the same things I did in a relationship (and most importantly, was a dinosaur fanatic like me).

Yes, he had a past, but was working through his stuff in his own way. Although this may have looked like a dream come true to most, in those first few months of dating there was a very real battle between my heart and my head, which tried to talk me out of the relationship in any way it could.

It all just seemed too easy – all my love stories had begun with lots of challenges, obstacles & drama.

Plus, I think a lot of me still didn’t really believe I was deserving of a good man – or relationship, given my past. 

Yet, I practiced what I’d been preaching whilst writing The Inner Fix, quietened my mind with a lot of music & meditation, and slowly began to see that this was the right person for me.


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Very soon, I found myself in the best relationship of my life by far. It’s not what I thought it would look like, but it feels better than I ever imagined it could.

I feel enough. He feels enough. The relationship feels enough. I finally feel satisfied.

As a result, I’m far more available, giving & successful in every other area of my life too, because I’m not wasting time and energy obsessing over someone who’ll never be able to give me what I want, or hurting someone because I know I’ll never be able to give them what they want.

But, I’ll be straight with you right now: I’m far from perfect in this area.  

In fact, I can be a passive aggressive, naggy, nightmare of a girlfriend at times (especially now I’m living with him). 

He’s not perfect, either – and our relationship’s definitely not perfect. 

But, we’re both committed to working on ourselves and on ‘us’, and that really has made all the difference.

“Persia is an angel in this world. She is a modern day messenger for new levels of love, healing & tremendous soul growth and I am forever grateful for her much needed work.”

- Mel Wells, Bestselling Author of The Goddess Revolution, Health & Eating Psychology Coach


This brings me to you.

I want you to know that if I can have a relationship like this, you can, too.

I know you can. 

Because I believe that the reason you’re really here is to grow.

I believe that when you open yourself to growth, you’ll attract the person or situation that’ll heal and grow you the most.

I also believe that, though this process is painful and scary at times, it’s well worth sticking with if you want to experience genuine, soul-expanding love and connection. 

Look, I know this world’s got bigger problems than whether you and I are happy in our love lives, but at the same time, had I not dealt with my relationship issues when I did I would’ve undoubtedly ended up marrying (and divorcing) the wrong man – and that wouldn’t have served anyone.

In fact, I’m convinced that if we as a society spent more time and resources teaching people how to have healthy relationships from an earlier age...

(which has NOTHING to do with how may 'likes', 'followers' or 'matches' one's able to garner!)

... we’d dramatically decrease the likelihood of divorce, addiction & family breakdowns – and all the complicated crap that goes along with them. 

“Persia is incredible at getting to the “heart” of any issue in the love and relationships department. Her willingness to be open and vulnerable makes her completely accessible, and she infuses her high vibe energy into everything she does. I’m lucky to call her a close friend, as well as coach and teacher.”

- Jody Shield - Author, Inspirational Speaker, Modern Healer, Meditation Ambassador for Lululemon


By the way, please know that if you happen to find yourself in such a position right now, I do not judge you and you are so welcome here. The good news is that it’s never too late to make changes for the better.

It really isn’t. 

And because I’ve been through a lot myself in this area (and am still learning daily), I’m deeply passionate about supporting you along your own journey – which is why I’ve created some great resources to get you started.

This includes a FREE EBOOK called

'7 Steps to Finding Real, Lasting Love in a Superficial World' 

This book reveals the EXACT process I used myself (as well as dozens of my love-coaching clients) to go from being regularly ghosted, heartbroken or disappointed in love to attracting the happiest, healthiest, most soulful relationship of my life (within 3 months of putting it in to practice). 




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    "Persia is a super smart young woman and provides a fresh, intelligent perspective on the issues that so many Gen Y-ers face today. I have to say that when you speak to her, you get how much this matters to her - her passion and dedication to her work is truly inspiring!"

    - Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Psychologist, Broadcast & Author


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    Word of warning: my free FB group ‘The Love Hub’ isn’t for the easily offended (I swear like a sailor and don’t see this changing anytime soon). But it is full of hugely useful insights and tools that I turn to again & again in my own life. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read to the end of this page - – I know you must be busy. Can’t wait to get to know you more and support you in any way I can.

    All my love,

    Persia xx


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