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“My life’s pretty f*ing GREAT. Only thing missing is someone great to share it with.”

How many times have you said that to yourself?

Probably on a daily basis, if this describes you…


·      Feel like the ONLY one in your friendship group not shacked up/ engaged/ stressing over seating plans/ growing a bun in your oven

·      Have an embarrassingly long string of embarrassingly short/ disastrous love affairs under your belt

·      Are ready to throttle the next ‘well-meaning’ family member who dares remind you that the clock is ticking when it comes to having kids

·      Genuinely believe one of the main reasons you’re single is down to men being intimidated by your success (spoiler alert: they’re not)

·      Are convinced that all the good ones are already taken anyway, so you may as well just pour yourself a fat glass of bubbly & embrace spinsterhood



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What’s Worse…

You know that if you carry on complaining about the sorry state of your love life, you’ll end up even lonelier than you are now – because your friends will stop inviting you to dinner parties out of fear you’ll accuse them of:

a)     Trying to match-make (you’re always offended by their choices)


b)    Allowing you to be the ONLY one at the table without a date (don’t they know how much you loathe being the odd (wo)man out?!)

And one day you’ll be sat at yet another of your niece or nephews’ weddings thinking, “CRAP. If only I’d put as much energy in to succeeding in love as I did in my career – then maybe I’d be dancing with my honey and not Great Aunt Mildred with the twirling chin hair when the first slow song comes on.” 

I get it. Because I’ve been there.

I was a HOT MESS when it came to love.

In fact, I was such a s*it show that in my mid-20s I wound up working as a hostess in a grimy London strip club – a short week after getting my Masters from one of the world’s top drama schools.

That’s how much I craved attention & validation from men

(and went looking for it in all the wrong places).




And then, during a trip to Thailand my dad took me on after I put on two stone in two months as a result of my romantic misery…

I learned something that went on to change the entire course of my love life.

This lesson - given to me by my dear old dad while we were drinking our ginger, lemon & honey tea on the beach one morning - catapulted me in to the most extraordinary adventure, which eventually led me to becoming a Love Coach & getting engaged to the love of my life.

Luckily, I documented the entire journey – from high-achieving nightmare in romance to having one of the most healthy, happy & soulful relationships out of anyone I know.

And then I put all the tools & insights in to an intensive step-by-step love-coaching program, so that other women struggling in love could learn in a matter of weeks what had taken me years to fully grasp.

To prove to myself that it really worked – that my results weren’t just fluke, I then took dozens & dozens of women through this process. And I was overwhelmed by the positive response.

Take Bestselling Author & Wellness Entrepreneur Mel Wells:

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Working with Persia through this program enabled me to work through all of the patterns around men that I’d had since I can remember. Patterns and beliefs I wasn’t even conscious of, but that were wrecking my love life and leaving me feeling so confused. More than anything else, this program helped me take complete responsibility for my romantic life, and I can honestly say that through this work, I became a completely different woman. I stopped hiding from my real self, stopped trying to subtly control or change the men I met, and finally opened my heart to real love. Soon afterwards I found myself in the most soulful, healthy, committed and passionate relationship with the love of my life.”



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Want to know if I can help you get incredible results like Mel?

(& the 100+ other women who’ve now gone through this process, too) 

There are 2 ways to work with me 1-1:

1) Love For Leaders: my radical 16 week love life transformation for single high-achieving women

Which includes:

  • x8 60-min love-coaching sessions with me (over Zoom) every fortnight where we work through my intensive step-by-step digital course ‘Get Your Soulmate’ (GYS) together

  • Free lifetime membership (w/ 24/7 login) to GYS - so you have access to all the trainings forever

  • Unlimited video-coaching access to me throughout the entire 16 weeks (if you’re freaking out on a date, you’ve literally got me in your back pocket)

  • Bonus in-person VIP experience with the other 4 women doing the program at my parent’s luxury London home (including metamorphic treatment from my mama Jane to rewire & reset your romantic blueprint on a physiological level), and then on to a 3 course champagne dinner at my private members club Soho House). 


2) Romantic Reset: my VIP one day intensive 1-1 love-coaching immersion

Which includes:

  • A FULL day with me at my parent’s luxury London home where we’ll get you crystal clear on:

    - Where & why you’re stuck in your love life

    - Where you want to be romantically within the next 90 days

    - How to get you there as effectively & efficiently as possible

  • A VIP 3 course champagne dinner with me to celebrate your transformation at my private members club Soho House

    & 2 incredible FREE bonuses for lasting transformation : 

  • Lifetime membership (w/ 24/7 login) to GYS - so you have access to all the trainings forever

  • 60-min follow up 1-1 coaching session with me over Zoom 2 months after the VIP day (to make sure you actually do all the follow up work & get results!)

Next Steps:

To find out which experience would be the best fit for you, PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill out the application & book in your free 20 min compatibility call with me.

If you have any questions or issues with the application process, feel free to reach out to my team at info@persialawson.com - we’ll be happy to help.

(N.B. Please be aware that Love For Leaders is currently fully booked until Jan 2020, but we currently have 2 spaces left for The Romantic Reset between now & Dec 19).


Britt Bjornerud – Entrepreneur

“The changes I’ve experienced since working with Persia are countless. For most of my dating life, I’ve been stuck in an endless loop of chasing the wrong guys and being way too available. And then BAM, Persia came into my world like the lightning bolt I needed. What sticks out most is the shifts I’ve experienced around boundaries and knowing my worth. I no longer feel like I need to be a chameleon in relationships – I’m more than okay with being and asserting myself. This wouldn’t have been possible without Persia’s guidance and genuine passion for the work she does. I would HIGHLY recommend any of my friends to do this program –this work is unparalleled.

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